Weyburn Police Officers were called to action last week when they received a report of a suspicious adult male wielding a knife. The caller who reported the incident said that the man seemed to be in a delirious state, and that he was seen attempting to get into a courier vehicle as it drove by. As a matter of maintaining public safety, police were quickly on the scene. Upon arrival, the officers were confronted by the man who they recognized from previous dealings. 

"The officers that responded to this incident did an excellent job of diffusing the situation," applauded Constable Kalin Wiebe of the Weyburn Police Service. "The suspect was in the midst of a mental health crisis when police arrived on the scene to assist, and he was holding a large knife. The officers gave several commands to drop the knife, but the male began to approach. However, the male eventually complied, dropping the knife."

In tense situations like these, common ground can be a useful tool for lowering heightened emotions. After convincing the man to drop his knife, officers were able to successfully take him into custody without incident.

"Again, our members did an excellent job. They defused the situation," said Constable Wiebe. "Police were able to take the male into custody without any injury to himself or officers. He was then transported to Weyburn General Hospital for a mental health assessment."

Following the mental health assessment, the male was charged with Possessing a Weapon for a Dangerous Purpose. No injuries were reported as a result of this incident.