The Highway 39 rivalry kicks off for the season on Friday evening, as the Richardson Pioneer Weyburn Red Wings have their home opener against the Estevan Bruins. 

“The Highway 39 rivalry has to be the best rivalry in all of Saskatchewan sports, period,” Office and Public Relations Manager, Nick Nielsen said. “Whether it's hockey or anything else, I think there's nothing that comes close to it. I've been on both sides of it now at this point. I think one of the most violent hockey games I've ever seen was a preseason game between Estevan and Weyburn four years ago, and that's preseason, let alone the games that matter.” 

Nielsen, who is also this year’s Voice of the Wings, said the team is really excited for the game. 

“Our opening game sponsor has been Myers Norris Penny (MNP) for quite a while now, and they're going to be opening things up with us again. There's going to be food served and all that kind of stuff.” 

MNP is planning to put on a tailgate party. More details are expected to come out on Thursday evening over the team’s social media

Nielsen said a Red Wings beverage will be served at the rink. 

Season tickets can be purchased at the Red Wings office. Friday’s game begins at 7:00 p.m. at Crescent Point Place.