Crews from the City of Weyburn were out early Thursday morning to begin the process of clearing snow off of the city streets. The process is expected to take a few days, and crews go into the operation with a plan based on priority routes throughout the city.  

“The City of Weyburn has first priority routes, secondary routes, collector routes, downtown and then following that would come residential,” explained the city’s communications coordinator, Paige Tenbult.

The priority routes are the streets with the most traffic, such as 1st Avenue North and Government Road. After that will come the secondary streets. Those include Coteau Avenue, most of Souris Avenue, Douglas Road, and Railway Avenue.  

Snow removal isn’t an overnight process either, Tenbult said.  

“Residents and drivers, they should be aware that our crews are out right now,” she told Discover Weyburn. “They’re going to be continuing through the weekend and into next week, and then hopefully we’ll be able to provide an update on what that looks like for the rest of the community.” 

Residents are asked, if possible, to park in their driveways to help ensure crews can get as much of the snow as possible off of the road. If the crews can get into the residential areas, the notification system will be used to let residents know where they will be going.  

“We’ll keep the community up to date on if that is going to be taking place, (so) we encourage people to sign up for that,” Tenbult added.  

For those who are clearing the snow off of their sidewalks, driveways, and the sidewalks in front of their houses, the City of Weyburn is also reminding residents not to push the snow onto the street.  

Tenbult also credited the Public Works staff with the City of Weyburn for the work that they do when it comes to the snow removal process.  

“I think there’s credit due to our staff all the way from top management at the superintendent level down to the ones that are in the graders and in trucks on the roads. We are all very aware of what is coming to Weyburn, and so we’re ready for it and we try to prepare as in advance as possible.” 

A map showing the priority routes in Weyburn