Country singer and songwriter Matt Zimmerman, from Manitoba, is taking his show on the road for his 'Farmer Town’ release and he’ll be stopping in Weyburn this weekend. 

“Yeah, I'm out on tour,” Matt said on the Country 106 Morning Show. “I've performed in a bunch of places in Manitoba.  I started in Brandon, had a really cool opportunity to showcase it for Manitoba AG days and that's the biggest agricultural event of the year in Manitoba, and I know a lot of folks in Saskatchewan, probably in the Weyburn area, come out to Brandon for that. I’m playing in Moose Jaw tonight and then I'm heading out to Weyburn. So I'm really pumped to play at Pumpjacks.” 

Zimmerman will be at Pumpjacks on Saturday, January 27th, with his show starting at 9:30.  

So who is Zimmerman and how did he get his start? 

“I write a bunch of songs and I had some advice from an AR executive that if I wanted to become a songwriter for other artists, people kind of had to get to know me first as an artist as well,” he said. “So I thought, well, OK, it's time to start releasing some of my songs and so I put out ‘Ranger’ last summer, and that aired on about 40 stations across the country, which was really, really cool for me. I enjoyed that. Then I put out ‘Lake Time’, which was a tune all about going to Clear Lake and going out, doing some fishing, and then starting out the year strong here with my new tune Farmer Town.” 

Matt’s new song, along with his other music, is available on all major streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music. You can also learn more about new music and regular updates on his website,

For those going out to the show on Saturday, get ready for the ultimate Canadian Country Experience. 

“Well, you’ll hear a lot of originals.,” he said. “You're going to hear kind of a NEO Trad country style. My biggest influences would be Alan Jackson, Chris Stapleton, some throwbacks from, you know, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, that kind of style where it's all about the music. It's not about the glamour, glitz, lights, smoke, and all that stuff. So I hope folks can relate to that and enjoy the show. Then I'm going to also throw in a few covers as well. So they're going to get kind of a mix of the classic country covers and my own music. Then, just for some energy, I love to play some East Coast Canadian style music, so a bit of Celtic just because it's so much fun.” 

All in all, Matt is just hoping that people enjoy themselves at the show. 

“I love it when people get up and dance or sing along, so make sure you bring your singing voice and your dancing shoes.”