Two separate incidents resulted in impaired driving charges last week.  

The Weyburn Police Service said the first incident happened on Monday, January 31st after an erratic driver was called in through the Report Impaired Drivers program.

“(The) Witness was watching an erratic driver, and I mean very erratic,” said Sgt. Shane St. John. “Luckily a police vehicle was very close by and had actually seen this vehicle do an erratic move around another vehicle just as the call came in, and performed the traffic stop which resulted in an impaired driving charge.” 

In addition to the impaired driving charge, the woman was also charged with two driving infractions under the Traffic Safety Act.  

The second impaired driving incident reported by the WPS happened early Saturday afternoon. Again, it started with a call from a witness who reported a vehicle had collided with a fence.  

“Members arrived and found the driver passed out behind the wheel,” St. John stated. “The person was charged with impaired driving as well as resisting arrest, as it took a little bit for officers to get him under control.” 

The driver was also charged with driving without a valid driver’s license.  

The Weyburn Police Service dealt with a variety of calls over the past week, including alarms, domestic disturbances, mental health concerns, harassing communications and dealing with bylaw concerns.