The community coming together to celebrate a milestone. Weyburn will be celebrating its 110th anniversary as a city, and there is an event to help commemorate it at City Hall. 

“We’re inviting everybody to come down over the lunch hour, so from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. on September 1st, to join us in some birthday cake, and we also are going to have some historical items from the city’s archives on display,” said Paige Tenbult, the Communications Coordinator for the City of Weyburn.  

The event, which will be next Friday, will also help kick off the long weekend.  

Tenbult added they hope they have a good turnout and would like to see people who have been involved with the city over the years, former city staff, business owners and the community at large come out for the event.  

Weyburn was incorporated as a village on October 22, 1900, and then was granted town status on August 5th, 1903. The city charter was presented to the city on September 1st, 1913, making it the 6th city in the province.  

In its early years, the city saw steady growth before the development of the oil industry in the 1950s kicked off significant growth.  

Today, Weyburn is a city of 11,000, with a vibrant economy, and a strong sense of community spirit, and is seen as a place that has an opportunity for everyone.  

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