The amount of snow we received in Weyburn overnight was definitely more than most were expecting, with some parts of the city reporting upwards of eight inches, and other areas reporting around four or five. 

With the snow, comes the woes of driving in it, with some icy sections underneath the snow. While there is the promise of warmer temperatures over the next few days, there is still the issue of dealing with what we have right now. Crews from the City of Weyburn are going to be out working on the priority routes and trouble areas, while the main intersections around the city will see the sand trucks come by. 

The highways in the Weyburn area are all showing winter driving conditions. This includes Highway 13 in both directions, Highway 39 in both directions and Highway 35 in both directions. The conditions just before 9:00 a.m. on all three were slushy, with icy and slippery sections as well as swirling snow. Those conditions can change quickly, so stay up to date with the Discover Weyburn Road Report page. 

The forecast is calling for no more snow for at least the next week, with temperatures getting well above freezing over the weekend, which means the snow will likely be short-lived.