It is the official first day of autumn, a cozy time of year involving pumpkin spice and fuzzy sweaters for some, and the start of the hockey season for others.

However, for meteorologists fall began on the first day of September. 

"Meteorological seasons start at the beginning of the month, so for us, it's been fall for the last three weeks," Environment Canada Meteorologist, Natalie Hasell said. "But I can totally see why the equinox would draw a lot of attention to the forecast for the next little while."

Hasell said we can mostly expect around seasonal or slightly above seasonal temperatures for the next seven days. 

"Frost happened last night in a whole bunch of places in southeastern Saskatchewan and will likely happen again," Hasell said. "Then we have a few clear sky days later in the forecast around the weekend, where possibly some patchy frost could occur at that time as well in the overnight and early morning hours."

She added that from September 28th to October 5th,  we are expected to have above-normal temperatures in southeast Saskatchewan, and throughout most of the prairies. 

"We do have a monthly forecast, and the last one I have was issued last week on the 15th, and that's for the 19th of September to the 17th of October," Hasell explained. "In this forecast, there isn't a dominant trend for most places in the southern prairies, but places nearby seem to have an above normal trend, so that's a possibility." 

When it comes to the precipitation over this period, there is no dominant trend, according to Hasell.

"It's normal to get some precipitation, but whether it will be above normal or below normal is something my forecast is not telling me at this time," she said. "There is a chance of showers this week, and then there are a number of days where we are not expecting a lot of rain until maybe the beginning of October."

Environment Canada has a three-month forecast issued at the end of every month. 

"There seems to be a signature for above normal, but remember it's a trend over three months, so it's not exactly something that you can plan with, and there's no dominant trend for precipitation here either."

Weyburn and much of the southeast experienced frost last night. 

"As farmers or gardeners, you'll have to take action if you haven't already. Sometimes we get a little bit of fog here and there, especially if you do get that precipitation later this week and then it clears out, that locally available moisture could actually turn out to do something, so depending on humidity levels that might be a concern."

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