The Royal Canadian Legion Number 47 will be holding Remembrance Day service indoors once again this year in the upper hall of the Legion.

"We're very much looking forward to our day of remembrance this Saturday, November 11th," said Board Member Jerry Ponto. "Our program will start at 10:55 a.m., so we do encourage people to certainly come down early and get situated because we do like to be on time. We have a commitment to do the benediction right at 11:00, and the moment of silence right at 11:00, so we appreciate people coming in early and getting situated." 

He said they'll have guests from all levels of government, "the federal government, the provincial government, civic government, and a number of other dignitaries representing the RCMP."

Ponto added this is the 150th anniversary of the RCMP, who also vowed to serve and protect, so they will be honouring the RCMP as well.

This year's Silver Cross War Mother is Clair Kuhn, whose son Corporal Richard Kuhn will be the guest speaker at the event.

After the service, Ponto noted, guests will then, "retire to the lower hall for the War Mother's Luncheon, and to pay a few more tributes to her and just get together for some fellowship and camaraderie on that Day of Remembrance.

He added the Dignitary Wreaths will be placed at the Cenotaph after the ceremony with the help of the 5th Weyburn Scouting Group.

"We're extremely grateful for the assistance provided by all the community groups, all the people that sell poppies, people that distribute poppies as well as taking part in making sure the ceremony and the day's events go smoothly."

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