The wintry weather in Weyburn Wednesday morning causing trouble for many. With the roads slickened by rainfall before the snow, then freezing temperatures, there were some slippery conditions reported within the city limits, and on the highways as well.

With upwards of 10 centimetres, or four inches, expected from the system, which is moving through Saskatchewan, many are saying winter is here to stay.

The snow is also being blamed by some for a power outage which is affecting the city of Weyburn. While SaskPower has yet to confirm the actual cause of the outage, they do have crews on the scene and are working to restore the power. There is no word at this time as to when it will be back up.

While the temperatures will head back up to above freezing later today, according to Environment Canada, there is more cold weather on the way as a system with more precipitation is expected to move up from the United States Thursday night.

“We are looking at the possibility of another two to five centimetres throughout the Weyburn area, in addition to the southeast as a whole,” explained Heather Pimiskern, an Environment Canada meteorologist.

It truly appears winter is here in southeast Saskatchewan.