The Victoria Day long weekend is generally one of celebration, as we say goodbye to what is left of the winter, and get ready for the late spring and summer. Many people head out to the cabin, head off to their favourite campsite, or just stay around town and enjoy the weekend.  

With so much generally happening, the Weyburn Police Service is reminding residents of a few things. One of those is impaired driving. While many people like to enjoy a few beverages, be it in their yard or out at their favourite establishment, over the course of the weekend, the reminder is there to find a safe ride home. 

"I think that impairment creeps up on a person quite quickly when alcohol is consumed without people even realizing that their vision and hearing, mobility and speech are affected,” explained Constable Melinda Mintenko with the WPS. “That’s when, often, a poor decision is made to drive a motor vehicle.” She added that pre-planning should be made before going out, such as having a taxi or sober driver, or even planning to walk home if the weather is suitable. 

“Getting to the legal limit of .08 takes less than what you think, and officers are trained and have the authority to do various different testing on people to make sure that they’re following the rules of the road and that they are not over legal limits, and I hope we can make it through the weekend without any impaired driving-related offences.” 

Those who are out and about, and have concerns about a possible impaired driver, can call 9-1-1 through the Report Impaired Drivers program.  

For those who are new drivers – that is someone under the age of 21 or a driver with a Class 7 or Class 5 Novice license – there is zero tolerance for alcohol or drugs when operating a motor vehicle.  

Another concern that can come up at times during a long weekend is noise, as people get together for parties, barbecues and more. A common call for service to the WPS is regarding the noise bylaw.  

Here in Weyburn, the bylaw is in effect 24 hours a day, and there are a number of factors that are considered. A violation of the noise bylaw is when there is noise that is likely to unreasonably disturbs a person in an area. 

One of the sources of noise, at times, over a long weekend, is fireworks. Fireworks or crackers cannot be fired off in the City of Weyburn under any circumstances unless there has been prior authorization given by WPS. 

Overall, Mintenko is hoping everyone has a great long weekend. 

“Please make safe and responsible decisions during your travels and keep your eyes open for increased vehicle traffic as well as pedestrians so everyone can have a wonderful weekend and time with their family and friends.”