At approximately 10:20 p.m. on Sunday, January 14th, the Weyburn Police Service were called to a reported shooting at a residence located within the city. The shooting was non-fatal, but multiple charges are likely to be laid following a thorough investigation.

Three adult males were involved in the incident: Two were located within the residence upon the officers' arrival, while the third male had left the residence on foot before police made it to the scene. Deputy Chief Brent VanDeSype with the WPS said that while the exact events that led to the shooting are not yet clear, there are a few things that the investigation has confirmed so far.

"The investigation is ongoing into this matter, so we hope we can gain further details to find out exactly if there was any motive or whether it was accidental or not," he shared. "Like I say, further investigation is required. It is ongoing. All we know at this time is that the three individuals were known to each other. There were several firearms located in the home. There will likely be several criminal and firearms charges that will result from the incident."

Following the call on Sunday night, local RCMP and off-duty WPS officers were called in to assist with the search for the third male, who had left the residence on foot and was believed to be in possession of firearms. He was found that same night, in an unlocked vehicle only a few blocks away, and was brought into custody without incident. The injured male received treatment by officers on the scene before being transported to the Weyburn General Hospital and was released early Monday morning.

"It's believed alcohol and or drugs are a contributing factor," said VanDeSype. "The firearm was discharged, and one of the males sustained an injury to their foot. The male had been treated at the hospital and was released early this morning. Several charges are pending as the investigation continues into this matter."

More on this case cannot be shared at this time, but more will be shared as official reports become available.