The driver of an SUV making a last-second lane change last Tuesday at the intersection of Highway 39 and Third Street in Weyburn resulted in a semi-trailer collision with the SUV. The incident did not result in any charges from the Weyburn Police Service, and no significant injuries were reported.

"Anytime you hear of a collision or you respond to a collision involving a vehicle or semi or a train, anything like that, that obviously is of a significant size and hard to stop, you are thankful that it's relatively minor," said Deputy Chief Brent VanDeSype. 

He said the semi and an SUV were traveling the same direction. 

"The SUV kind of made a last minute lane change in front of the semi, and the light turned amber, kind of at that time," he explained. "So the SUV was able to stop but the semi, with the size and weight of [it], was unable to stop in time, and there was a minor collision."

He said the individual driving the SUV went to the hospital just to get checked out, but there were no significant injuries. "I don't believe the airbags were deployed in this incident." 

VanDeSype clarified that the SUV did not cut off the semi, "It's just that the semi wasn't able, in the time that he had, to stop, with the SUV stopping in front of him."

The purpose of amber lights, he advised, is to signal the driver to stop if reasonably possible.

"That amber light gives you the opportunity to clear the intersection or stop if you can. Now when it's red light, yes, [stop]. That Amber is supposed to give you enough time so that you can stop before it turns red."

He said if you're traveling at a speed or close enough that you cannot reasonably stop, the amber light gives you time to clear that intersection before it turns red. 

"At every intersection, whether controlled by signage or traffic lights, or even uncontrolled, drivers should be aware and make sure that it's safe to clear the intersection."

The Weyburn Fire Dept and EMS personnel also responded to the collision, and damage to the vehicles was minimal.