A group of youth prompted a call to the Weyburn Police Service last Tuesday afternoon and ended with a call to some parents and a stern warning.  

The youth were seen causing some mischief to the property, and a property representative contacted the police.  

“The Weyburn police attended and spoke to them, by they were caught vandalizing some property,” explained Deputy Police Chief Brent VanDeSype. “The parents and guardians, property rep, they spoke to all parties involved, and it was decided to go with a stern warning versus any charges.” 

The call was one of 81 received by the Weyburn Police Service last week. Those 81 calls did result in 11 charges – five under the Criminal Code, four under the Traffic Safety Act and two under City of Weyburn bylaws. Two of the criminal charges from the past week were for people who either failed to appear in court when required or for failing to comply with conditions of release.  

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