While there are still a little over three months left in the current school year, the South East Cornerstone Public School Division and Holy Family Roman Catholic Separate School Division are already looking ahead to the next academic year. They released the calendar for the school year earlier this week.  

The school calendar was developed as part of a cooperative process between the two school divisions, and then staff used an electronic voting process to help select one of two options. The calendar that was selected will include a two-week break during Christmas break, with a winter break and a spring break. The school year itself will start with the first day being on Tuesday, September 5th, and the last day of classes being on June 26th, 2024. 

The last day of classes before the Christmas break will be December 22nd, with students returning to the classroom on January 8th. The winter break, which is traditionally taken in conjunction with the Family Day holiday in February, will be from February 19th to 23rd, and the spring, or Easter, break will start on March 20th with students back in the classroom on April 8th.  

From the start of classes for the next academic year through to the last day of classes, there will be a total of 184 days where students are in class, which will meet the requirement of 950 instructional hours for students as outlined by provincial legislation. 

You can find the full calendar here.