Something that can't be missed if you plan to do business in Weyburn is the renewal of your annual business license. Two classifications of Weyburn business licenses exist, but only one is due today, and Finance Officer for the City of Weyburn, Megan Ebel, warns that late charges will be applied to any payments made after 4:00 p.m.

"Those two types of licenses are Resident and Non-resident," explained Ebel. "Resident are those with storefronts or in industrial areas, so that would include many of our downtown businesses, and those are the ones that have the penalty applied starting tomorrow. Many home occupations, seasonal businesses, or those that don't have a location here in Weyburn but operate within city limits, would fall under Non-resident."

The late fee would add an extra $25 to the cost of any Resident business license if today's deadline is not met. Luckily, paying those fees has never been easier. Business owners are welcome to visit City Hall to make their payments the old-fashioned way, but if a speedier option is required, online payments are now possible. You can pay your business license fee HERE through the City of Weyburn website. 

Ebel added that anyone looking to start a business in Weyburn is welcome to get in touch to begin that process as well.

"If you're looking to apply for a business license, you can contact our finance department at City Hall by calling 306-848-3021 or e-mail us at Our website also has lots of information for those looking for a new business license, so you can also head there to find the forms as well," she said.

Links to Resident and Non-resident business license application forms, as well as information about the application process, can be found HERE