If you have a youth organization in need of funding, the Weyburn OTS Curling Bonspiel is hoping to give away $6,500 on February 2nd.

Board Member Andria Brady said since it's their 65th annual event, they want to go big with their sponsorships.

"This Bonspiel has always donated money raised from the event to youth sports in the community, particularly youth curling, but also some other youth initiatives within Weyburn," she explained. "This year, because it is the 65th annual, we've committed to giving away $6,500 in donations and that will be done at our opening ceremonies that we're holding at 5:00 p.m. on Friday, February 2nd."

She said they do require the recipients or their representatives to attend that presentation ceremony.

Interested groups who would like to receive some sponsorship to submit a brief application by January 26th. Find the form by clicking the 'Apply for Sponsorship' button HERE.  

"It's not just youth sports, it's any sort of organization that youth benefit from within Weyburn, and certainly within the the local area as well," she clarified. "We're just looking for interested groups to put forth their applications."

Brady noted that in the past they have helped out the 4H Club and other smaller organizations that may have limited access to various types of funding. They also award an outstanding youth curler each year with $500. 

The 65th annual Weyburn OTS Curling Bonspiel will be held February 2nd and 3rd at the Weyburn Curling Club.

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