‘8 Rooms’ is the new exhibition now on display at the Weyburn Art Gallery. The showcase offers attendees a unique experience as the display features one-of-a-kind dioramas and a video. City Curator, Regan Lanning shares the details. 

“It features the works of eight different artists. This show consists of eight dioramas of different rooms. It starts with a house layout and then it moves on to a bedroom and then a rocking chair in a kitchen sink and then a paper room, a very mystical-looking room, a Christmas, a bunch of butterflies in the clouds, and then a sanitarium. The last piece of the exhibition is an animated film that was created by the artist Anita LeBeau that takes a female character and her cat on a journey through each of these eight rooms.” 

8 Rooms (photo by Bernadette Mullen)

Lanning also noted that the lighting in the gallery has also been adapted for the exhibition and will be on display for the next three months. 

All the artists hail from Manitoba, they are Anita Lebeau, Heather Komus, Reve Stone, Suzie Smith, Barb Flemington, Shirley Brown, Seema Goel, and Diana Thorneycroft. 

8 Rooms poster