With their annual Cornhole Tournament on Saturday, the final planned parkwide events of the season have wrapped up as of this past weekend for Mainprize Regional Park.

Park Manager Michelle Walsh said they have nothing planned for the long weekend, but part of the reason is that many of their park staff are university students who are returning to classes.

"Unfortunately we are starting to say our goodbyes. A lot of them are starting to stream out, as kids are getting ready to go back to school, so [this] week we will lose a good handful of our staff for the season, so it's very sad to lose some of those kids while the weather is still nice out of course," she commented.

Walsh said they still hope to see more campers take advantage of the summer weather and get out on the water or onto the green.

"Overall we feel like we've had a really great season out here, we've attracted a lot of day visitors, our beach has been a huge highlight, but we've also had so much positive response from golfers out on our golf course," she noted. "Both have been great, and the weather could be a factor but we have most definitely enjoyed a really fun season out here, a lot of our events have gone on well."

Seasonal and nightly campers will be done by September 15th. By October 1st, the power and water will be totally shut off, but September 15th is the last guaranteed day of the season for either of those.

The golf course will hold a wind-up on September 23rd. Read more HERE.


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