The seasonal camping sites opened up early this year at Nickle Lake Regional Park.

"May 15th was our first official day, but we were open a couple of weeks earlier for our seasonals this year, the weather was just so nice and we were ready to go so we had the park all ready for them," shared Park Manager Darren Wheeler. 

He said they had a handful of seasonal sites come open this year, so they did another lottery draw, and were able to fill up the available sites. This was easy, as Wheeler said they have at least 100 names on their waiting list.

Plans for the park this summer include planting approximately another 600 trees throughout the park.

"That's kind of the plan for the next three or four years still was about 600," he noted. "We have lots of old trees here that are at the end of their life and we're going to start replacing them." 

Movie nights will return on Saturday nights by the beach, and they also plan to continue the development at the Crescent Point campground, the newest at the park, with another 20 to 50 sites to be prepared.

More sand has been added to the beach, which is all ready for this year's beach fun, and they'll even be hosting a beach volleyball league on Wednesday nights,

Wheeler said Nickle Lake will be a full park all summer. 

"We've got campers all way from Regina and Lumsden, and all areas coming in, and so there's a lot of locals that go home for two nights and stay on the weekends and there's lots that are here for the whole time we're open. There are always people hanging out at bonfires at night and getting out in their groups, and it's just good, it's like a little village of our own out here."

He added they are also in the development of a new canteen and shower facility, to be built near where the mini-golf course is located.

The summer plans are well underway, with each of the long weekends having special events, such as a Market, beginning with the Canada Day long weekend.

The Souris River Smoke Show will be happening on June 29th and 30th, with Canada Day events to feature entertainment for the kids, including a magician, a clown, and face painting. They'll also have the beer gardens open for the adults, and live music for everyone to enjoy.

Wheeler said they hope to have a Car Show during Canada Day and for Nickle Lake Day on August 3rd. 

It's all free to attend, with the kids' activities going until 3:00 p.m. and the live music continuing until about 10:30 p.m.

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Vendors who would like to sign up for the Markets can contact Michelle Warken via Facebook. Anyone who visits the park either as a guest or a vendor must have a day pass or a Regional Park Season pass.

Regional Park Day Passes are $12 per day or $60 for the full season.