The new group, Community in Action Against Addiction, is expanding its reach for its next meeting to be held Wednesday, February 15 at the Weyburn Public Library. 

The group was formed to provide a safe place for people who have loved ones with addictions. 

“We formed a group where people could come to talk about any stressors, problems, anything dealing with or coping with a loved one with addiction,” said Member, Denise Kennedy. 

Often with mental health and addictions people carry shame and judgement and Denise Kennedy explains Weyburn is no different. 

“There were some people that are still really uncomfortable coming in person to a meeting, so we set up a zoom account so they can come in. It's complete anonymity. If they want to turn on the camera in the room, that's fine. If they don't, that's fine too. They can listen.” 

The group is quickly bringing awareness and is proving its services are very much in demand. 

“I pass out naloxone kits, this week alone I have passed out 47. So yeah, it's very busy in the city. I also do naloxone kits to Estevan and surrounding areas because the smaller towns have problems too. Only they're not close to any of the services, so they're even more at risk,” said Kennedy. 

Member Susan Adderley emphasized that their group is here to provide support with no shame and no judgement, and wants others to know they are not alone. 

“We invite you, if you have someone in your family struggling with addiction, we've been there. We know what you're going through. We're reaching out to you. Come out, come out. Let us work through this together. Just know that you are not alone,” shared Adderley. 

The next meeting will be held at the Weyburn Public Library Wednesday, February 15. For those who would prefer to join through a video call, a Zoom account has been set up. The Zoom ID is: 89631106311 and the passcode is: CIA AD 23. 

Naloxone kits are provided free of charge, for more information you can contact Janelle at (306)897-9899 or Denise Kennedy at (306)861-9800.