The Weyburn Hurricanes Water Polo Club has wrapped up another season and will head into their next one with some new equipment thanks to the Weyburn Young Fellows.

"It was a very generous donation and we used them for equipment such as balls, nets and caps, and towels too," said Marketing Director for the team, Stephanie Peterson, noting currently they have 26 players enrolled.

Beginning in the fall, the club meets twice weekly, with the various age groups competing in tournaments throughout the season in Regina and Saskatoon. 

"There are clubs from all over surrounding towns that come and compete, so it really is fun, you make connections when you go to those places and you see familiar faces every time," noted Peterson. 

The club held a wind-up recently to bookend their season.

"We had a wind up with pizza party and then the kids could invite their parents and they had a kids versus parents night in the water, so that was a lot of fun," she described. "A good majority of them were dads, so it was pretty fun for the kids to have that participation, it was a great opportunity for the dads to see the kids just kind of doing what they love." 

She said Water Polo is one of the Olympic sports that kids can begin training for as early as six years old here in Weyburn. 

"It really is a 'learn-to-swim', get fit and play water polo while you're even learning how to swim, so some people have put their kids in that don't know how to swim at all, and a month in or two months in, they're out there bobbing around and doing it all on their own," she shared. "It really is fun to watch because it's fast-paced and the kids just really look like they enjoy it all the time. My daughter is in water polo this year and she is 14 and she just had a blast learning all sorts of great lessons." 

"There really is nothing to stop people from putting their kids in, even when they don't know how to swim," she said, noting there are opportunities, into adulthood, for advancement beyond their club. 

submittedPhoto courtesy of Si Jo / Facebook