In recognition of Suicide Prevention Day on September 10, Under Your Skin Tattoo is hosting its 6th Annual Semi-Colon Tattoo Event. 

Tasha Collins, Director of Weyburn Canadian Mental Health Association gives the details. 

“We've got about 70 spots that we can guarantee, we're already about a quarter of the way there in terms of booking all the spots, so if anybody's interested, give us a call.” 

Collins continued, “There's going to be probably over 60 different designs available. They will be predetermined and pre-drawn designs and yeah, this is one of our wonderful events where we're able to raise awareness and promote mental health as well as recognize World Suicide Prevention Day.” 

Collins shared that funds raised from the event go to helping to provide programming at the Centre.  

“It could be purchasing art supplies. It could be purchasing meals or groceries for our meal program it can go to any kind of expenses for our program. So, it might be purchasing a new washer and dryer.” 

The event will kick off Saturday, September 9, and run from 10 AM to 5 PM, to confirm your spot book early by calling (306)842-7959. 

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