Today, tomorrow, and Saturday (November 3rd to 5th) the Weyburn Public Library will be holding their fall book sale during regular hours.

"Some of the books that we have, a good portion of them, are just duplicate items," said Branch Manager Deborah Schrempel. "So we weed through anything that's duplicate. DVD's, things like that, anything that's outdated, and a lot of these items are in pristine condition, like new condition, still, so there it's a great opportunity to add to your collection at home." 

She said most of the books are in the range of fifty cents to a dollar or two, and, "then, on the Sunday of the sale, you can fill a book bag for [$10], so there's lots of opportunities to keep your Christmas budget low. If you've got a reader on your list, absolutely take advantage of it. Maybe ask them what they're interested in, see what kind of literature they're into, and absolutely come out and see if you can't find something they haven't read." 

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