Weyburn's own Brayden King, a full-time Alberta-based performing musician, will be in Weyburn for an event on December 9th at McKenna Hall. Tickets are selling fast for 'A New King is Born'. Read more on how to get tickets HERE.

"I'm super, super excited to come back to Weyburn and for such a great event," he shared. "It's going to be an amazing time."

He said he will have his full band with him and they plan to play three sets. 

"We're going to be rocking all night long. It's cabaret style and we're just going to be bringing a big party. I can't wait."

"I love coming home and nothing beats coming back to Weyburn. That's the best." 

King said this show will be the only one they do in the area next month, but they've been making trips to Saskatchewan lately, including Saskatoon last weekend and Regina this weekend.

"So just coming down for one more show in Saskatchewan before we take a bit of a break for Christmas, let the guys hang out with their families and everything and we'll get to go back and see my family in Saskatchewan as well, which I'm really looking forward to."

He said since he and his bandmates don't all live in the same part of Alberta, they have worked out a groove for shows.

"We've recently in the last month just been doing weekend runs where we go out and play Friday and Saturday, or Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and then right after that we'll come home, have four or five days off, and then get right back at it. So it's been nice to kind of have that downtime, and obviously, we're still working from home during that time off, but it's really nice to just be in your bed every night and not be driving all the time. But we love the road too, so it's nice to have that balance." 

King recently released a new song, 'Tequila & Me', which they have been playing live for about a year.

"So we're pushing that one pretty hard right now, but we'll have some more tunes coming out really soon as well. This new song is called Tequila and Me. We've been playing it live for about a year now. 

He said they record in a studio based in Regina, which means even more driving.

"We've been in the studio a lot recently, putting a lot of work into some new tunes to release a lot more songs in the new year. It's absolutely insane. I constantly say that my job is truly to be a driver and that music is the payoff." 

He added he still loves to see people singing along to his music.

"We played a show in Saskatoon last weekend and some of my songs, they were singing even louder than me. So it was it was pretty cool to look out and see all these people that knew the tunes."

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