The Weyburn Police Service was kept quite busy over the past week, dealing with 115 calls for service. While not all of the calls resulted in criminal charges, some did, and there were 17 Criminal Code charges laid.  

Of the 17 Criminal Code charges, just shy of a quarter of them dealt with a common there – failing to abide by conditions of release, or failing to appear in court as required. There was also one case of a person who was wanted on an outstanding warrant being arrested.  

The first two instances happened in the early morning hours last Monday. The first happened when the police arrested a person who had an outstanding warrant for their arrest. Police also arrested a person who was said to be in breach of multiple conditions of their release. 

This was followed up by a traffic stop in the early morning hours last Wednesday. Police charged a woman with failing to comply with multiple conditions of her release. She was also charged with possession of a controlled substance for the purpose of trafficking.  

Of the 115 calls for service, police also dealt with alarms, domestic situations, suspicious people and vehicles, mental health concerns and checking on a person’s well-being, harassing communications and a number of bylaw concerns.  

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