Last week was a fairly busy one for the Weyburn Police Service, as they responded to a total of 77 calls. Of those 77 calls, 17 resulted in charges. In their weekly report, the WPS stated that 15 of those 17 charges were either related to traffic offences, or were people who had failed to comply with release conditions, or failed to appear in court.  

There were two incidents reported of thefts at local businesses, with different outcomes. In one situation, a woman was identified as the suspect and located. The stolen item was recovered and charges are pending. 

In the other incident, the suspect was identified from the surveillance video in the story. However, no charges were laid against the man at the request of the business owner. This was due to the man being an out of province resident, and the value of the item that was stolen. 

Last Friday a call regarding impaired driving resulted in a lot more. As a result of the call, and subsequent investigation, one man was charged with assault with a weapon and failing to comply with a probation order. The driver of the vehicle was charged with driving while disqualified. The vehicle was also impounded.  

The icy conditions on the streets around Weyburn also kept officers busy with reports of collisions. Police are cautioning motorists to be careful while driving in the icy streets by slowing down, being aware of their surroundings, and allowing more time and distance for a vehicle to stop.