If you're studying the arts, the chances are good you don't have a lot of disposable income. Thankfully, anyone who wants to pursue the fine arts can apply for the Millie Coghill Award.

"The Millie Coghill Fine Arts Award is available to any Weyburn and area students or adults, so you can be heading off to post-secondary school or you can be continuing your education via an internship or an immersive workshop or something like that," explained City Curator and Arts Coordinator with the Weyburn Arts Council, Regan Lanning.

She said the award is funded completely by the family of Millie Coghill.

"It's a wonderful kind of legacy. Millie was very active in the arts, in a lot of different realms. That big wheel at the library, she had a hand in that. She was a sewer, she did a little bit of everything. We have a number of her works in the City of Weyburn's Permanent Collection. And when she passed, her family thought what a wonderful way you keep knowing in people's minds and hearts and support other people doing the things that Millie loved."

The award is applicable to any creative field.

"So if you are studying music in university, you can apply for this award and it's usually around $1,000 we give out. So it's not going to cover your tuition, but it'll buy you your textbooks. Or if you're even like going into like, say, an artist and residency program that you want to apply for. Or even if you want to take the adult pottery class, you could apply to have it covered by the Millie Coghill."

She said if it's music lessons, it should be ongoing.

Other requirements include being from the Weyburn, and you must provide proof of enrollment. 

"If you are signed up for the class, you just show us the fact that you're signed up," Lanning noted. "If you're heading into post-secondary, we ask for your transcript and a history of community and volunteer involvement. A recommendation from your teacher would also be great, like the person who's teaching the class you're taking."

The application closing date is April 30th and the award is presented in May. 

Find the application HERE.

library wheel muralThe big wheel on the north wall at the back of the Weyburn Public Library is just one part of Millie Coghill's legacy.