Highway 39 from Moose Jaw to Corinne has been closed due to weather conditions and reports of a motor vehicle collision that occurred at approximately 8:13 this morning. Fog patches producing zero visibility along with slippery road conditions from freezing rain are likely contributors in the incident.

Emergency Personnel, including firefighters from Rouleau, Grand Coule and Pense, were dispatched to the scene of the collision at 8:13 a.m. and are recommending that drivers find an alternate route until conditions improve. Those still travelling Highway 39 are advised to reduce speeds and to be prepared to stop for hazards on the road near Rouleau.

Reports from drivers in the area are describing multiple vehicles that drove into the ditch to avoid the collision site because of poor visibility. Drivers have also reported that a semi-truck is positioned across the highway, blocking both lanes, and that at least 4 semi-trucks are involved in this incident, as well as 2 other vehicles.

A report from the Rouleau Fire Department at 12:00 p.m. confirmed the involvement of multiple semis and passenger vehicles, as well as one driver being transported to hospital by EMS.