Costumed trick or treaters will be braving the cooler temperatures tonight for their annual candy haul.

Weyburn's Leena Honig likes to decorate her property each year with creative takes on Halloween decorating. From pirate ships where kids could walk the plank to light shows, she shared her motivation behind going all out with her displays.

“I want to do it for the kids, make it exciting. It's not just about candy. It's kind of the experience and we get to dress up, be somebody else. It's kind of like a role play or like like movies, you want to dress up and become a character and being a character is a lot of fun.” 

Last year, she even carved pineapples instead of pumpkins.

“I just did the Halloween faces on them and put their little tops on. It's kind of Tiki-ish,” she shared. “They smelled really nice, and they actually lasted, so I was surprised. I thought they would fall over.”

“Other than pumpkins, you can carve other things. Some people carve potatoes, they use potatoes and put it in the pumpkins for teeth. You can get really crafty.”

This year, Honig said she while she isn't getting as carried away, but still has something cool for those who stop by her place.

“I've got my fountain up front, so I put some skeletons and I got some fogger lights on Amazon, four of them.”

She said she has pots from her grandmother's house that are actually old cauldrons, “so I'm going to put them in there and do some spray foam.”

Honig said anyone can take advantage of online craft tutorials to up their game at this time of year.

“This season is perfect for getting down, getting crafty.”

Released earlier this month, Honig, under her pen name Leena Love, published her second colouring book, this time with a spooky theme. Find out more below in the related article link.

cauldronScreenshot taken from a video by Leena Honig this month of her cauldron display.

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