Council Chambers at Weyburn's City Hall saw some new additions to the decor this winter, in the form of decals reflecting the City's strategic plan.

As shown, on one wall is the city's vision "A Community for All" and the mission "Growing through Opportunity"; and on another, decals with 'Economy', 'Growth', 'Community', and 'Governance'

"We wanted them put up around City Council, so as we sit here, we always look and we think about what we want our vision, our mission, and then the four things that we want really to have Council concentrate on, so our economy, our growth, our community and our and proper governance," said Mayor Marcel Roy.

He said, "Governance meaning that we do the overall picture, and we're not into people's businesses and we're not into people's houses, but basically we just want to get a very good city working along with our administration underneath us," he noted. "It's very good because it always keeps us this our focus in front of us."

weyburn council chambersThe new decals were installed by ProTouch Signs.