A generous donation from the Yellow Grass Dinner Theater is helping to provide much-needed equipment for the RM of Scott Medical First Responders, who work within the RM, including the communities of Lang and Yellow Grass.  

“The Yellow Grass Dinner Theater, with profits from their last event that they held, gave us a thousand-dollar donation,” said Mickey Quigley. He is the team lead for the medical first responders in the RM of Scott. “With that donation, we were able to reach out to a local pharmacy in town and we were able to purchase new glucose monitors.” 

In addition to the seven glucose monitors, they were also able to purchase ten non-touch thermometers.  

The glucose monitors, according to Quigley, are important tools for the first responders to have at their disposal.  

“A lot of times, if we get called to somebody that may be passed out or is a known diabetic and is having low blood sugars or high blood sugars, the glucose monitors help us find out what their sugar levels actually are, and then help us make treatment (decisions) from there,” Quigley explained. 

The first responders carry glucose with them for when they do have a patient with low blood sugar and also have options for if the patient has high blood sugar, which they can utilize until the ambulance arrives.  

The non-touch thermometers came into use during the COVID-19 pandemic. Before, the first responders would go off feel and sight. With COVID, they wanted to ensure of the exact temperature a patient could have.  

The donation to the first responders wasn’t the only donation made by the Yellow Grass Dinner Theater. They also made donations to the Friends of the Yellow Grass Library, the new play structure for Allen Park, and the Yellow Grass Hoppers Playschool.