Weyburn-Big Muddy MLA Dustin Duncan spoke with reporters after Tuesday’s Question Period, and fielded questions regarding the expenses and itinerary for his trip to Paris for the World Nuclear Exhibition in November. He attended the exhibition in his role as the Minister Responsible for SaskPower. 

During Question Period, the opposition NDP asked about a $3,500 expense for a car service while in Paris, as well as about visits to the Arc De Triomphe and Napoleon’s Tomb. Duncan responded at that time the car service was used as a more expedient method of travel compared to taxi or public transportation, and stated he took part in no sightseeing during the convention.  

After the day’s agenda in the Legislature was over, Duncan clarified the itinerary items that stated he was picked up from the Arc De Triomphe, a prominent Parisienne attraction.  

“The Arc De Triomphe was an agreed-upon pickup point for the shuttle ban that was providing the service for us,” Duncan explained. “It was a couple of blocks away from the restaurant that we had a dinner meeting at, so it was really just an easy point of reference for both the driver and our group.” 

As for the stop at Napoleon’s Tomb, which is housed in the Musee de L’Armee in Paris, Duncan noted there was some downtime during the time he was in Paris. He stated he took a cab at his own expense and also paid for the museum itself at his own expense. 

“It wasn’t really something that we were planning to do,” Duncan said. “We had some time in our calendar. Rather than going back to the hotel, rather than walking around the exhibition hall for three or four hours before going on stage and speaking on a panel, I decided to take a little bit of downtime, so it really was just a kind of a spur of the moment thing.” 

He also responded to the opposition NDP essentially stating the situation was unacceptable. 

“I think that it’s a pretty high standard,” Duncan replied. “If the opposition wants to say that on your own time, on your own dollar, that while you’re in another city for several days, that you can’t take a couple of hours and have a little bit of downtime, I think most people would probably find that unreasonable.”