While the show is over for the next two years, the impacts from the 2024 edition of the Saskatchewan Oil & Gas Show will continue to be felt for weeks, and months, to come. With attendees coming from across North America, the show is being heralded as a success.  

“We had just about 3,200 people attend the show over the two days, so that is up from last year, and so we’re really happy with the outcome,” said Monica Osborn, the show manager. 

The attendees came from across Canada, from British Columbia to Quebec, as well as the United States. Osborn noted the states represented at the show included California, Georgia, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Oregon. 

One other thing that was present at the show this year was a big representation from students.  

“They’re our future in this industry, and there’s so much potential in the industry that a lot of people don’t realize that there are so many positions that are available in the oil and gas industry, so we reached out to the school division to invite the schools to attend,” Osborn said of the presence of the students at the school. The students also took in the Safety Stand Down Breakfast, which included special guest speaker Tyler Smith.  

The Oil & Gas Show also brought people to Weyburn, and while the exact numbers aren’t in yet, brought a positive economic impact to the community.  

“I know that all the hotel rooms were booked,” Osborn said. “It was full leading up to the show. I know restaurants were in full swing, and I’m just hoping that it trickled down into the retail sector as well.” 

The Saskatchewan Oil & Gas Show will return to Weyburn in 2026.