Another lucky farmer was drawn to be the recipient of a fresh meal delivered by the Golden West crew on Friday. Chris and Laurie Mass were the latest winners of Seed 'n Feed, powered by Great Plains Ford. Our very own Bernadette Green got the scoop from Chris Mass on how the season is progressing.

"You always have your Gremlins when you start up first thing in the year, but you get those out of the way and then it goes good!"

He continued that although they had expected to begin seeding earlier, the late snow was still welcome for the moisture it added to the soil, and despite delays they were expecting to finish by the middle of the following week. The Weyburn Livestock Exchange was proud to sponsor Friday's lunch, as they always strive to show their support for local farmers. 

Great Plains Ford and Golden West will be delivering more hot lunches to the fields for a randomly chosen winner every weekday for the remainder of May. You can nominate your favorite farmer for a chance to win HERE.