On the heels of today's wind, the Weyburn area is getting a taste of what the weather will be like throughout this week. A cool-down, however, will be followed by some warmer weather next week.

"We've got a bit of a low-pressure center developing in Alberta at this point in time, along with the secondary low-pressure center down in the American Great Plains, and these two features are going to come together and sort of slide across the province over much of the upcoming work week," said Meteorologist Brian Proctor with Environment Canada. 

He said these winds, in spite of warmer temperatures, are a precursor to some cooling off and potential precipitation to follow.

"Some mixed rain or snow in here, sort of by the time we get into Wednesday into the Thursday, so definitely cooling things off. Definitely a very active week weather-wise at this point," he noted. 

He said there is also a likelihood of some wet flurries on Thursday and Friday. 

"There's nothing in the forecast now. I wouldn't expect it to be a really high pop or anything of that nature, just a 30 percent chance, in the colder air on the backside of this system. And then by the time we start moving into the upcoming weekend and towards the start of the work week after that, you start to warm up again to seasonal to above seasonal temperatures."

Proctor said this system entails a lot of uncertainty.

"Most of the possibility of snow is further to the north, to a large degree. So I think we're probably going to see more wet snow or mixed rain and snow more than anything else. So I wouldn't expect a whole lot of accumulations [in the area]." 

He said the potential for wetter storms is mostly being forecasted in the northern regions of the province. Thunderstorms, however, will only arise in the southeast in pop-up style.

"I think it's a fairly small chance of seeing thunderstorms but they could be somewhat intense. But they should be fairly short-lived, as this system moves across fairly quickly."

Proctor added that we are probably going to escape the majority of the worst weather. 

"I think area size, they said further to the north and the park line and up into the boreal forest, I have a better chance of seeing more significant precipitation." 

Find the full five-day forecast HERE.