Envision Counselling and Support Centre has announced a new program that will be held in Weyburn and Estevan. Aimed at parents and caregivers who might be struggling with some of the dynamics in their homes, “Connected Families” is set to start later this month.  

“This program is designed for families with children where we want to find a new way to connect with our kids, where we can problem solve together, use conflict resolution that doesn’t use bribes, threats or punishment, and where we can come up with strategies where we’re both winning,” explained Angela Milleker, a counsellor with Envision.  

When it comes to parenting, Milleker noted it isn’t a natural gift for everyone, so the program is aimed at developing those skills. 

“We want to develop and use our skills, and learn new ones so that we can feel confident and peaceful as parents, so that we have homes that welcome us rather than that we’re dreading to go to.” 

The program is scheduled to be held on Mondays in Estevan, starting on February 26th, and on Tuesdays in Weyburn starting February 27th. The program is expected to run until the end of April.  

Registration for the program in both Estevan and Weyburn is now open. In Estevan, those interested can call 306-637-4004 to register. The number to call in Weyburn is 306-842-8821. Those interested can also email info@envisioncounsellingcentre.com.