Dog lovers: Mark your calendars for the very first 'Canine Carnival' coming to Fido's Place this Sunday, August 27th. The all-day event will begin at 10:00 a.m. and conclude at 4:00 p.m. following scheduled trainer demos and activities for participants. CindyAnn Boehm, founding owner of Fido's Place, says that collaborating with local businesses and organizations was key in creating a fun-filled day for the community. 

"I have to thank Seitz's Rentals for helping us with a bouncy house and for sending Paw Patrol over for a visit, and a big shoutout to our guy who's giving us a deal on the port-a-potty. It might seem silly! It's all the little things like that which allow us to offer this event for free, though. We really appreciate it."

Boehm notes that organizing the event was not a sole effort, thanking Melanie from Pet Valu for co-coordinating and planning the carnival alongside her. Their combined efforts will bring trainers from both High 5 Dog Training and JJ's Pet Services to the field for live demonstrations in agility, scent detection, and more. Guests will also have the unique opportunity to arm themselves with tips from the trainers and try each challenge with their own pet. 

"We encourage everybody to bring their dogs. After each demonstration is finished, you'll get the chance to talk to the trainers about the different techniques they used and try out the equipment." Boehm adds that one demo in particular will have everyone in attendance eager for the 'Try-it' session to follow.

"Flyball is really cool, if you look at the pictures on the side of our itinerary it's the third one down. So two dogs will race and hit a board. When they hit the board, a tennis ball will come flying out which they grab and go racing back. That one will be inside the building, but all the other demos will be outside in our training yard." 

hi5da(Photo from High 5 Dog Training Facebook page)

The 'Canine Carnival' will feature many intriguing spectacles and opportunities for amateur trainers to hone their skills, along with special prize bags for participants. It won't all be hard work though, children can enjoy playing on the bouncy castle, try their hands at coloring their own bandanas, party with Paw Patrol, and take part in special games just for them. The Weyburn Humane Society will also be on site to prepare a barbecue lunch as well as snow-cones and mini-donuts for a treat. Although attending the carnival is free, food and refreshments provided by the Humane Society are paid for by your generous cash donations in support of their organization. 

It's difficult to believe that a first-time event could fit more action into a single day, however Boehm passionately shares her excitement for the special guests that have agreed to come out for a visit.

"Now this is very special! We would like to honor dogs with jobs, so the special guests that are coming will be Jessie, the Fire Dog, and then Jasmine, the PTSD Dog, and she belongs to an ex-RCMP Officer. We're encouraging other dogs with jobs to visit, because people have a lot of questions- especially children- like 'Why can't I pet your dog?' So it's important to help build that awareness."

"Bright Eyes Dog Rescue are coming out as well," continues Boehm. "I can't confirm who they're bringing with them, but they did ask for a big space. Enough space to put up an outdoor pen, so I'm thinking there might be some cuties coming along with them!"

Guests wishing to participate in the 'Try-it' sessions with their dogs are welcome to register for each session on the day of the 27th, however it is appreciated if participants pre-register before the event. Simply call Fido's Place or Pet Valu and provide them with your contact info, pet's name, and which activity you would like to try in order to express your interest. You can find the full itinerary for the 'Canine Carnival' below. Enjoy a pet-friendly day of family fun at Fido's Place this Sunday, August 27th from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and test your training abilities with certified, title-winning professionals.

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