The Filleting Shack at Mainprize Regional Park is currently undergoing upgrades, with some new features to make it easier for everyone to clean and gut their fish.

"We've been working at that through the end of the winter and the fall and now into the spring," said Troy Kincaid with the Weyburn Wildlife Federation.

He said the plan had only been to replace the cement floor, but they discovered that the refuse tank also needed to be replaced.

"Once we got the shack off, we realized that the existing tank was no good, so we ended up digging that out and replacing the tank. We got it from Souris Valley Industries, they helped us out and cut us a deal on it. So that was well-needed, and Stewart Steel is building a new filleting table for us and we're hoping to have that in the next week or two here. There's always some delays and stuff, but we're well on our way," he shared.

The concrete tank includes piping that run down into the tank directly from the filleting table. 

"So all your fish guts and your waste will go down the chutes and go down into the tank and then they can come in with a vac truck and get rid of the remains," Kincaid explained. 

Currently, he noted, at both Mainprize Lake and Nickle Lake, the remains are just going into the garbage cans, having to be disposed of in a less-than-ideal fashion.

"It's time-consuming, money-consuming, and kind of a gross job," he commented. 

By the time the work on the well-used filleting shack at Mainprize is complete, it will feature plastic walls for easy cleaning, as well as the new filleting table.

"With the last one they had there, you're kind of spraying the people across the table, so we're hoping to get away from that and that'll be a big stainless steel table. So it'll be good. We're going to screen in the doors and windows too, so it's not so fly-infested and just give it a big overhaul. It's well-needed."

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