With the pressures of inflation, especially on the price of food, there has been an increase in people who are simply running out of money when it comes to keeping the pantry stocked. As a result, more and more people are turning to services like the Weyburn Salvation Army Food Bank for assistance.  

“Fifty is our minimum,” said Nicole Strickland with the Salvation Army when asked about how many families are coming through in a week for some sort of assistance from the food bank. “We usually have just over that right now.” 

The increase in the number of families means there is an increase in the demand for food at the food bank, and it is something they are trying hard to keep up with. The Weyburn Salvation Army Food Bank was open four days a week, however, the increase in demand has meant they are now accepting appointments five days a week, opening on Mondays.  

“We always need donations,” Strickland added. “Just the usual stuff – sidekicks, pasta, canned soup always goes, Mr. Noodles, stuff like that.” 

Donations don’t need to be strictly food items either. One option available for donations is bringing in cash or a cheque. The Salvation Army can then use that dollar to try to spread things a bit further. As well, the person making the donation can also get a tax receipt. 

Those who are interested in making donations to the Weyburn Salvation Army Food Bank can drop them off at the location on 4th Street. Those who are making donations are also encouraged to come by and take a look at how the donations are used to help out the community.