Although some may be disheartened to learn that the Outdoor Rink located near Weyburn's Credit Union Spark Centre is officially closed for the season, the weather does prove favorable for another free-to-enjoy service offered to the community by the Weyburn Oilwomen Association. Board member Abby Kradovill is glad to have the Sled Shed open for use, especially with the recent snowfall leading into this weekend.

"This is our third year with the Sled Shed and it's been super successful, just one of those initiatives that we've gotten so much positive feedback on," said Kradovill. "It's great to see something as simple as sledding down a hill bring so many families out to enjoy a winter activity together. I know a lot of teenagers to go as well, maybe a bit late in the evenings, but they love it too!"

The simple shed is located near River Park Campground and can be spotted from Confederation Drive thanks to the large "Oilwomen" signage marking the shed. There residents can find a small selection of sleds that are free to use at that location, along with some simple safety reminders and a QR code that allows users to relay their feedback, comments and suggestions to the Oilwomen. Kradovill mentioned that receiving feedback through the QR code is very valuable to the Board. 

"Scanning that QR code will let you send us an email where you can share your concerns, report if sleds are missing or broken, or even just to say thanks. We share those messages with our Board and we always appreciate those updates and feedback," she said. "Also, we're not always out there, so we want to make sure that we know when sleds need to be repaired or replaced so everyone can enjoy the service that we're trying to offer."

A reminder is sometimes needed ahead of a busy weekend that the sleds provided by the Oilwomen Association are meant to remain at their Sled Shed location, and should be returned to the shed when visitors are finished with them. Some residents have opted to even donate sleds of their own which has been noted by the Oilwomen Association and was a greatly appreciated gesture that displays the community spirit that they intended to foster.