The first delivery of Seed 'n Feed was made to Matt Cugnet and crew today, a local farmer just east of town. A new F-150 was provided by Great Plains Ford, official partner of the event, to ensure the hot lunch from Boston Pizza made its way swiftly to the hardworking team of farmers planting this year's crop. 

Leyna Cugnet was overjoyed to hear that her nomination was the first to be drawn for Seed n' Feed 2023, just in time as the fields dried up just enough to continue work following the recent rainfall. 

"Thank you so much, this is so exciting! This helps out because otherwise they don't get fed when we're all so busy, so that's awesome!"

Great Plains Ford and Golden West will be delivering more hot lunches to the fields for a randomly chosen winner every weekday for the remainder of May. You can nominate your favourite farmer for a chance to win HERE.