If you've been considering adopting a pet from the Weyburn Humane Society's Animal Shelter, the process can be done online and may take about two days. 

"Cats [who have been at the shelter for] over 90 days will be spayed and micro-chipped or neutered, they are $50. Kittens are $155, and a cat that's been here less than 90 days is $135," said Shelter Manager Colleen Morrice. 

She noted the Cat Intake Freeze is still in effect at the shelter, which is why their pricing is lower for those who have been there a while. "It's to keep our shelter [populations] lower, because we are definitely very full."

Puppies can be adopted for $360, older dogs that have been spayed or neutered are $210.

Kittens and puppies come with an additional incentive to have them spayed or neutered - those who complete this process are eligible for a $100 reimbursement.

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