Gals of God’s Grace wanting to help people in the community began providing free meals this past spring. The events were well received, and they are back this Tuesday, but they are switching things up, this time serving taco in a bag.  

Their last event was held on August 18 at the Knox Hall. A free breakfast was served from 7 AM to 10 AM, Anna Cherpin shares some of the comments she received at the event. 

“I was getting comments like I haven't ate for a day, or that our pensions are not enough to carry us through for the month. And they were just really grateful that they were able to eat.” 

Anna shared that she was grateful for the volunteers who came to lend a hand. 

“A lady named Robin helped me with that, and plus she helped me with her friend Rob to serve it all and set things up for me. And then a lady named Kelly came along and gave me fruit and some eggs to go with the breakfast.”  

The turnout for the breakfast wasn’t as large as past events, however, all the food went to a good cause. 

“No food went to waste. All the extra food went to families that were in need.” 

Next up is taco in a bag which will be served from 11 AM to 2 PM in the mall parking lot in front of Mc Frugals, anyone able to help sponsor the event can contact Anna Cherpin at (306)861-9886 or email her at, she can also be found on her Facebook page here

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