We have all seen memes on social media about the weather on the Victoria Day long weekend – sunshine one day, rain on another, cold overnight temperatures, and even snow. While they are jokes passed around online, it very often plays out that way.  

Over the past 10 years, just May long weekends have seen seasonal temperatures throughout the weekend. Another three have been much cooler than average, three much hotter than average, and a couple where the temperatures started out hot, then cooled off significantly as the weekend went on.  

This year, we could be seeing one of those weekends where the temperatures do stay above seasonal throughout the weekend. Environment Canada is calling for temperatures above 20°, which is the average daytime high for this time of year, right through next week. 

“Well, I think some smoke might upset the people, but you know, as long weekends go in Saskatchewan, this looks like a gooder,” shared Terri Lang, a meteorologist with Environment Canada.  

The smoke she mentioned is expected to come back into the area thanks to wildfires that are burning in northern Saskatchewan and Alberta. She explained that it isn’t known how thick it will get, but that people should be aware that it might be lingering around a little more. 

Lang also reminded people about the heat. 

“We’re not quite used to the heat yet, and Monday looks particularly warm, probably reaching up towards that 30° mark, so the combination of heat and smoke can be a little much for folks.” 

Consecutive days of above-average temperatures and sunshine in Saskatchewan can sometimes be a precursor to unsettled weather, such as thunderstorms, and this isn’t going to be an exception, either. A pattern change could be bringing some rain to Alberta and central Saskatchewan. This could also have impacts in the Weyburn area. 

“There’s probably a good chance we’ll see some showers, thundershowers, but as we know, those can be quite spotty in nature, Lang said. “Either you get it, or you won’t, so we’ll get a better idea as the weekend goes through.”