An online auction fundraiser for the Weyburn Comprehensive School 2024 Grads was a huge success, raising around $9,000 including some cash donations from local businesses.

Tessa Wolstenholme shared how they'll use the funds. 

"[It]'s for like our memorabilia and our legacy that we have to leave behind and stuff like that," she said.

The online auction fundraiser was held over Facebook and, overall, Wolstenholme noted, "It went very well. I think our highest bid was $400. A lot of stuff went overvalue quick, like it was overvalue within like the first two days."

She said this is their last fundraiser for now, which was done after various other fundraisers including selling chocolate almonds and Mom's Pantry.

"We just want to say thank you to all the companies and everybody who donated something is very helpful. And it was a big success because of you guys," she expressed.  

She added that they are happy to accept any donations from those who still would like to help top up the fundraiser. To contribute, contact Tessa on the Facebook auction group HERE