We wrapped up the second week of Grain Rush driven by Great Plains Ford with a visit to Jennifer Wilkinson and her family-run farm.  

“We’re kind of a little bit all over the place but we’re based just north of Yellow Grass,” said Wilkinson. “We are mixed. So we have durum, canola, chickpeas, lentil....that’s kind of what we have this year.” 

Jennifer Wilkinson is likely a name you have heard before as she is also the Director of Engineering here in Weyburn. She notes that it’s mostly her husband and his family that run the farm. 

“Fortunately it’s a family-based farm,” she said. “It’s my husband, his brother, and then also their dad. My husband, him, and his brother, are the 5th generation on this farm and my son has been helping this year as the 6th generation to start so it’s kind of cool.” 

“We’re very lucky that we have the family but then we also have some amazing hired men. We actually have somebody from Ukraine that works for us and it’s really neat. We’re really, really very proud of that family base.” 

Grain Rush Wilkinson 2

That’s not to say that harvest isn’t a busy season for her. 

“You might see us wives a little bit more behind the scenes. You never know when you’re getting a call for a parts run or meals or transferring between fields and then you kind of pick your kids up and go and it’s a busy, busy time. 

She even noted that Grain Rush could not have come at a more perfect time.  

“I was super pumped. It was like, yes, I didn’t have my meal plan,” she laughed.

grain rush wilkinson 3

Want to join the winner's circle like Jennifer and her crew? Enter online now and we could be treating you to some delicious KFC right in the field.  

Special thank you to today’s sponsors Prairie Heritage Seeds Organic and Mryglod’s Steel and Metals along with Great Plains Ford and KFC.  

grain rush wilkinson 4

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