The Weyburn Trails Association recently received $2,000 from a Sask Lotteries Grant.

The terms for the grant include providing signage to guide people sharing the trails, expanding the trails to accommodate a wider variety of users, and maintaining their current system.

"These objectives precisely match our plans for this year," shared Mike Manko-Bauche. "We've chosen a couple of lines for wider walking paths - one along the paved trail near the river, and one out to the rubbing stone facing Highway 35."

He said the signs have already been purchased, and now they just need to put them into the ground.

"Before the rain hit, we had been doing dirt work - rebuilding berms and removing grass from certain trail spots," noted Manko-Bauche. "Up next, I'm sure will come more grass and weed trimming."

With a few work bees already having been accomplished this season, and another one this Saturday morning, he said they have hit 70 volunteer hours so far this spring. 

"We have more people dedicating their time to work bees this year and we are already seeing more people on the trails than last year."

He clarified that they want people to understand, "We are building these trails for everyone to use. They are your trails. The only limit we put out there is no motorized vehicles."

Follow the group HERE and find the work bee event HERE.