The Weyburn Art Gallery will host a Pride planning meeting on Monday at 7:00 p.m.

"It is open to everyone, anyone from our community who would, who is interested in helping us plan or roll out events. For pride, this year is invited to come and join in the conversation. We would love to have other ideas and other voices at our table, so come on in. Anyone is open to people who identify as part of the US LGBTQIA community, but it's also open to allies and friends of those people," City Curator and Arts Coordinator with the Weyburn Arts Council, Regan Lanning.

She said she is hoping for diversity in the turnout to this event.

"In the last couple of years, it's mostly been the Gallery and the Library kind of running things," she noted. "We have mostly focused on arts and crafts and very family-friendly things, and that's because, as the organizers, being the gallery and the library, those are the things we do. But that doesn't mean that that's where we have to go next."

Lanning said there is a need for sponsors for the events,  as there are no government grants for Pride.

"We've had some corporate sponsors, and we've had some community sponsors helping us fund things. Even organizations interested in helping out with pride should come along. If you are a business owner and and you would like to help us finance pride this year, or if you're interested in hosting an event, come on down," she invited.

"The City of Weyburn Union CUPE 90 last year came on board, and purchased the paint for us that we used to paint the crosswalks. We wouldn't have been able to afford to do that without their involvement."

"We need those community sponsors. We need hands. We need bodies. We need hearts. And we need minds. So come on down. Help us out."

Lanning added that Weyburn is still at a community-building point with Pride, and while a parade isn't quite on the horizon just yet, she said she would love to see a meet and greet event at the Gallery, to create a safe place and show support for those who are out and proud.