A chance to help make a difference for an organization in the community.  

Earlier this year. UFA held the grand opening for their cardlock facility in Weyburn. As part of the grand opening, they allowed customers to enter their name in a draw, with the winner receiving a $ 5,000 credit for their cardlock, and another $5000 to be donated to a charitable organization.  

Like so many people do when seeing a draw barrel like that, Garnet Hansen put his name in, not expecting to win. Then, he got a phone call one Friday afternoon this summer saying he had won the prize.  

For people around Weyburn, Hansen is a familiar face, having served as the president of the Weyburn Beavers for a number of years. However, despite his long ties to the organization, he opted for the $5000 to go somewhere else.  

“We donated to a group called Newcomer Services that’s here in town, and their main focus is helping new families that are moving to Weyburn,” Hansen said of the decision by himself and his wife Shelley. “We had dealt with them a little bit because we did a couple of feature nights during our baseball season, so I was aware of their needs and what they were doing within the community, and I thought it was an excellent choice.” 

Hansen explained he had gotten to know the organization through their work together over the baseball season. They do everything from helping people get settled, to helping them find employment, to helping them with language skills. 

“I’m hoping it’s going to create more awareness to the group, and then maybe people will think that maybe it’s a worthwhile charity that they would donate to as well.” 

Hansen concluded, “I was pretty happy to have that opportunity to donate that, and also appreciative of getting the prize of the fuel as well.” 

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